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Power units on 7 HPPs were put into operation: Nurek (1983), Khodjikent (1985), Toktogul (1987), Kurpsay (1988), Baipaza (1989) HPPs, Tuyamuyun water complex (1985), Andijan HPP-1 (1985).

Each acceptance report marked high level of design and excellent quality grades were given to the works of design, construction and assembly organizations.

Overall 2520 MW of installed capacity was put into operation during the period.

1477 people worked in Hydroproject by the beginning of 1990, including 802 designers and 578 surveyors. The structure comprised 11 design departments on every speciality, including the department of laboratory and field works, 3 surveying departments (geodesy, geology and hydrology), as well as 3 independent complex surveying expeditionary corps, which were stationed in Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan.


The period is characterized by the formation of independent states on the territory of Central Asia and acquisition of independence by the Republic of Uzbekistan.

By 2000 in Kyrgyzstan the last stages of the Lower-Naryn series of HPPs were finished: Tash-Kumyr and Shamaldy-Say HPPs with the capacities of 450 and 240 MW respectively. In 1993 2 power units with the capacity of 28 MW of Pamir HPP №1 on the river Gunt in the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tadjikistan were put into operation.

During this period in Uzbekistan the design of minor HPPs at the existing reservoirs and irrigation channel drops was initiated. In order to fulfill the Decree of the government “About the development of the minor hydroenergetics in the Republic of Uzbekistan” JSC “Hydroproject” supported the design of a number of new HPPs in 1995-2010, of which a minor Urgut HPP was put into operation in 2003 on the Dargom channel with the capacity of 3 MW, the first turn of The HPP at the Tupolang reservoir was launched – 2 power units with the total capacity of 30 MW were put into commission.

In the anniversary year of 2010 construction and assembly works were finished and two HPPs were powered: HPP at the Akhangaran reservoir with the capacity of 21 MW and HPP-2 at the Andijan reservoir with the capacity of 50 MW, on which the equipment of Chinese National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) was installed.

The assembly of the automatic devices is coming to an end and the launch of HPP at the Gissarak reservoir with the capacity of 45 MW is expected in the short run.

In 2009 the pre-feasibility estimation of the construction of the minor HPP with the capacity of 2,2 MW on the river Ertashsay was developed, currently the selection of the contractor for the construction of the object on turnkey in on.

In 2000 according the the project of the JSC “Hydroproject” the tunnel junctions on the Kamchik and Rezak passes of the Republic highway Tashkent-Osh.

JSC “Hydroproject” actively participates in the design and survey feasibility study of large water-power objects of Uzbekistan.