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For the foreign objects in 2002-2005 JSC “Hydroproject” fulfilled the entire volume of the working documentation on the power house of Se San 3 HPP in Vietnam for the building and consulting trust “Shong Da”, and also provided specialists on quality control on the construction of the object.

Starting from 1995 JSC “Hydroproject” carried out the design of decorative fountains. A great deal of hydraulic research, new types of stream-forming hydraulic attachments were developed, inventor’s certificates were received. Designed and built in the city of Tashkent are: fountain at the Amir Temur museum and on the Bobur square, series of fountains on the Mustakillik (Independence) square and others, fountains almost in every regional centre in Uzbekistan, fountains in the city of Almaty.

From 2009 in order to fulfill the decisions of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan JSC “Hydroproject” started the development of feasibility reports of investment projects of modernization of the existing and the construction of the new hydropower plants with the purpose of a more effective usage of the renewable and ecologically safe energy resources of the Republic.

At the moment, the development of the pre-feasibility study of the construction of Kamolot HPP with the capacity of 8 MW on the Chirchik-Bozsu tract is finished, the procedures of bidding on the shipment of equipment and appointment of the general contractor are in process.

The formation of the contract on the shipment of equipment and the development of feasibility study on modernization of the Charvak HPP is coming to an end.

Issues about the creation of the windpower plant in the regions of Zarafshan and Nukus.

At the present time JSC “Hydroproject” comprises 9 productive and 5 supplementary departments which are busy with design, survey and research works in all areas. The total amount of personnel makes 269 people including 152 engineers.