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Dear friends and colleagues!

84-year history of the design and survey institute “Hydroproject” signifies selfless team labour of many years and reflects the history of our country.

Over 70 hydropower plants with total installed capacity of 8500 MW were constructed on the basis of our projects in Uzbekistan, Central Asian republics and other countries and they are successfully exploited, producing about 30 billion kWh of electric energy per year.

Rich experience has been gained in the design and construction of hydroelectric systems with hydropower plants located in the high-altitude regions and on the flat grounds with difficult geological and seismic conditions.

JSC “Hydroproject” fulfulls design and survey projects to provide the reliability and safety of active hydropower plants and to construct new hydroelectric, civil and industrial objects, waterworks, road and railway tunnels, engineer support and improvement objects in Uzbekistan as well as abroad.

With acquisition of state independence, management of JSC “Hydroproject”, thanks to the confidence and support from the staff, not only could maintain the qualified personnel, archives, material and technical basis of the institute, but also could perform an upgrade due to the transition to modern technologies of design and survey with the help of digital methods and computer-aided design.

A step towards the future development of JSC “Hydroproject” was made by the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the only republic among the CIS which in 1995 decided to initiate the realization of the minor hydropower plants’ construction programme on the waterworks. The first stage of the programme is now coming to an end.

Adopted in 2009 the Decrees of the President and the Cabinet of Ministers give rise to the new extensive programme on modernization of the existing and construction of the new hydropower plants in our country.

We are glad to have a productive and mutually beneficial collaboration with the foreign customers. Partner relationships were established with many specialized organizations and technological equipment manufacturing plants in respect of the information exchange of the latest scientific and technical achievements and their implementation. JSC “Hydroproject” is a permanent member of the International Hydroproject Association of long standing.

The quality control system for the output production acting in the JSC “Hydroproject” is supported by the international quality management system certificate of standard ISO 9001:2008.

As far as possible we treat our veterans with care and attention and give special priority to the development and education of young specialists.

JSC “Hydroproject” is a leading organization in the field of design and survey on the complex water-engineering systems with hydropower plants and other objects of high hazard in the Republic of Uzbekistan and it will keep on maintaining and developing its position of one of the leading design and survey organizations in the region and beyond.

JSC “Hydroproject” has always been and will be your reliable partner!

Sincerely, A.I. Akhmedov