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Active participation in the development and realization of perspective investment projects of construction of the new and modernization of the operating HPPs. Studying of the world experience and up-to-date technical achievements.

Consolidation of the material and technical basis and personnel. Significant improvement of the quality of the developed projects and efficiency of the design and survey production.

Implementation of the modern information technology and methods of design: corporative domestic network and electronic document management., CAD, AutoCAD, 3D, etc.

Architectural solution of the objects and constructions in three-dimensional model with landscape design and modern interiors.

Three-dimensional design of the powerhouse and other constructions with multibranch system of engineering communications, step-by-step construction.

Implementation of the numerical methods of static and dynamic calculations with the help of mathematical modeling based on the licenced software, which enable to take into account the spatial framework of the construction, as well as consider seismic load.