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Structure of institute

Explanatory note about of the changes and additions made in the organizational structure of the JSC “Hydroproject”

According to the requirements of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from April 24th 2015 №УП-4720 “About measures of implementation of the up-to-date methods of the corporate management in joint-stock companies”, an organizational structure of JSC “Hydroproject” was approved on the regular stockholders meeting on June 12th 2015.

According to the new organizational structure position names and functional obligations of the deputy directors were defined.

Department of production economics and wages was renamed to the department of planning and business development with subordination to the deputy director on production and finances divided on services: service of treasury and finances, service of contract obligations control, service of corporate relationships with stockholders.

A part-time position of specialist on corporate relationships with stockholders was introduced to control the observance of the requirements of the Corporate Management Code and the compliance of developed internal local statements with these requirements, coordination of relationships between control elements, stockholders and investors, organization of development of all the statements and acts required by the corporate legislation involving the professional participants of the financial market.

A position of the office-manager was introduced in the structure providing the operative communication between the management and the structural departments of the company.

Two new services were founded: service of quality control and standards’ compliance and service of metrology and standardization, which are entrusted to control the observance the standards in the projects and the compliance of the developed projects with the requirements of the management quality system.

  • Hydrotechnical department
  • Department of Hydropower Plants’ Buildings
  • Department of Water-Power Calculation
  • Department of Construction Economics and Work Production
  • Hydromechanical department
  • Electrotechnical department
  • Department of Civil and Industrial Construction
  • Department of Engineering Survey
  • Department of planning and business development
  • Service of treasury and finances
  • Service of contract obligations control
  • Service of corporate relationships with stockholders
  • Accounting department 
  • DepartmentofScientificandTechnicalSupport
  • Department of Information and Communications Technology
  • Service of quality control and standards’ compliance
  • Service of metrology and standardization
  • Personnel management service
  • Office-manager
  • Household and logistic department
  • Department of material and transport support
  • Service of labor protection and safety measures
  • Civil defence and emergency
  • Sports and fitness recreation area “Hydroenergetic”