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History of the institute

Joint-stock company “Hydroproject” takes its roots from December 1930 when a Central Asian department of Hydroelectrostroy («Гидроэлектрострой») on design and construction of hydropower plants (HPP) in Central Asia (CADHYDES) was founded. Since then an independent design of the hydroenergetic construction in Central Asia was initiated.

Existing in the region numerous rivers and channels, favourable conditions for creation of seasonal and overyear storage reservoirs, possibility of combined water resources utilization for the purposes of irrigation, as well as energy production defined broad perspectives of the development in hydroenergetic field.

In March 1931 a general plan of the Turkestan group ГОЭЛРО (State Organization on Electrification and Reconstruction of the Soviet People’s Economy) on electrification of the Central Asian republics was approved on the first Central Asian energy congress. An active labour of the designers was required to realize it.

On May 17th 1932 a Central Asian department of the all-USSR state design and survey trust “Hydroelectricproject” on the basis of CADHYDES. Consequently, Central Asian department (CADHYDEP) altered its name following the renaming of the parent organization: trust “Hydroenergyproject” (1936), institute “Hydroenergyproject” (1951), institute “Hydroproject” (1961). The entire activity of the department was continuously and inextricably linked to the development of energetics and irrigation of the Central Asian republics.

Starting from September 20th 1995 till now it is the Joint-Stock Company “Hydroproject”.

For more than 80 years about 70 HPPs, including 36 in Uzbekistan were built on the basis of the design from “Hydroproject”. Charvak HPP, the largest in the Republic of Uzbekistan with the capacity of 620,5 MW with the earth-to-rockfill dam 168 meters high; Tuyamuyun water complex with HPP with the capacity of 150MW; HPP at the Andijan reservoir with the capacity of 140MW; series of HPPs of the Chirchik-Bozsu water-power tract; Farkhad HPP; Samarkand and Shakhrikhan HPPs are reckoned among them.

Also, it is the series of the Lower-Naryn HPP with the main Toktogul HPP with the capacity of 1200MW in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan; Shardara reservoir with the HPP of 100MW in Kazakhstan; Вaipaza, Golovnaya and Nurek NPP with the capacity of 3000MW in the Republic of Tadjikistan and many others. On the basis of the “Hydroproject” design two HPPs were constructed in Afghanistan, including Naghlo HPP with the capacity of 100MW and the concrete dam 100m high.

The institute fulfulls the entire complex of the design, survey and research works at all stages of design, construction and exploitation of hydroenergetic and hydrotechnical objects, engineering survey: hydrological, geological, geophysical, topographical and geodesic; investigates the impact of the objects on the environment, carries out the hydroeconomic and energetic calculations, estamates the economic efficiency and financial payback of the projects. It also implements the preparation of the technical part of tender documents for shipment of the technological equipment and considers the draft proposals of the bidders. The institute carries out the designer’s inspection of the construction process of the object. Subject to agreement with the customers JSC “Hydroproject” provides the design and survey services with the purpose of securing of reliability and safety of the active HPPs, implementation of repairs of the constructions and equipment, analysis of the data of nature observations for the condition of constructions and foundation.