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Address: 100100 Tashkent Bobur str. 20


Director: Ahmedov Alibek Ilhomovich 

Telephone: (998-71) 253-59-71.

Reception days on personal matters: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 16:00.



First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer: Halmuminov Safar Abrievich

Telephone: (998-71) 255-39-08. 

Reception days on personal matters: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 16:00.



Deputy Director of Innovation Development: Pak Saveliy Chen-Zonovich

Telephone:(998-71) 255-39-08

Reception days on personal matters: Thursday from 16:00


Deputy Director for Economics and General Issues:  Turaev Nizom Niyozovich.

Telephone: (998-71) 253-48-13


General Counsel: Rahmatov Jahongir Kahramanovich

Telephone:(998-71) 255-67-09


Chief Accountant: Salihov Mirshod Habibulloevich

Telephone: (998-71) 253-33-01


Human Resources Department- The Interim head of the department:

Rahmatov Jahongir Kahramanovich

Telephone: (998-71) 253-14-07


Chancellery-head of chancellery: Atajanova Rita Mengalieva

Telephone:(998-97) 444-72-91


Hydrotechnical department - head of department: Mityulyova Valentina Vadimovna

Telephone number: (998-71) 254-67-07


Department of Hydroelectric power station-head of department: Turdikulova Jarkinoy Irisbaevna

Telephone: (998-71) 253-52-70


Hydromechanical department – head of department: Dukhovny Yakov Leyzerovich

Telephone: (998-71) 254-27-94


Water-power Study Department- head of department: Vacancy

Telephone: (998-71) 215-53-28


Electrotechnical department – head of department: Pigalova Tatyana Nikolaevna

Telephone: (998-71) 255-54-52


Department of Industrial and Civil  Construction –head of department: Tsoy Galina Vladimirovna

Telephone: (998-71) 215-55-47


Department of Information and Communication Technology-head of department: Inagamdjanov Umid Erkinovich

Telephone: (998-71)  253-29-52


Department of Construction Economics and Work – head of department: Krupchinsky Boris Stanislavovich

Telephone number: (998-71)254-67-11



Department of Scientific and Technical Support– head of department: Orhideyeva Olga Georgievna

Telephone: (998-71) 253-63-75


Department of Economics and Business Development-head of department: Karimova Albina Maratovna

Telephone:(998-71)  255-35-96


Engineering survey department- Acting Head of Department: Sokolovskaya Galina Ulyanovna

Telephone: (998-71)  253-32-13


Department of experimental and scientific research – head of department: Nazarov Komil Igamberdievich

Telephone : (998-71)  250-44-27


 Logistics Support Division – head of department: Studenikin Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Telephone: (998-71)  250-44-28


Management of perspective and foreign projects-head of management: Djumaev Abror Gulomovich

Telephone:(998-97) 444-72-59 


Expert department- chief expert on buildings and structures: Saidov Asror Fathullaevich

Internal telephone: 237


Department of Corporate Relations  with shareholders- Chief Specialist:

Danilenko Ekaterina Savelyevna

Telephone: (998-71) 255-35-96





Working hours: from 8.00 to 17.00

Reception: (998-71) 253-14-65

Fax: (998-71) 254-67-09

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.gidroproekt.uz

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